Hispanic Hartford Sex Offender Found

Pedro E. Segarra

City of Hartford Police Department
50 Jennings Road
Hartford, Connecticut 06120
(860) 757-4000

James C. Rovella
Chief of Police

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From the City of Hartford Office of Communications and New Media

For Immediate Release:      Thursday, June 21, 2012


(Hartford) – Detectives of the Hartford Police Department’s Sex Offender Registry Unit have arrested a man in connection with an attempted abduction of a 13 year female on May 30, 2012.

Manuel Ramos, DOB 7/31/1944, of 177 Newbury Street, Hartford, was taken into custody on June 20th, 2012, by detectives following an investigation which began on May 30th, 2012, when the suspect attempted to lure a 13 year old female into his car in the area of 50 Capen Street, Hartford.  According to investigators, several members of the community witnessed the incident, confronted the male, who then sped away in his vehicle. The juvenile was unharmed.

With the cooperation of the community during the investigation, detectives were able to identify the suspect’s vehicle and the vehicle operator as Manuel Ramos.  During a subsequent interview with investigators, Ramos confessed to his actions.  He remains in custody on a $75,000 bond and had been charged with second degree criminal attempt to commit sexual assault, criminal attempted risk of injury of a minor and second degree breach of peace.

Mayor Pedro E. Segarra praised the community for their support in the investigation and their  intervention which averted harm to a young girl,  “The actions of those individuals who intervened when witnessing a threatening incident to protect a young girl from a sexual predator is what being part of a community is all about.  I also commend the detectives of the HPD’s Sex Offender Registry Unit for their apprehension of Ramos.  As a result of their actions and the community’s communication with police, an individual who posed potential danger to our children is off city streets.”

Manuel Ramos, 7/31/1944

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Contact:   Nancy M Mulroy, Executive Assistant for Communications,  860-757-4021 or 860-550-1025
City of Hartford Office of Communications and New Media
Jared Kupiec, Acting Director, 860-692-2711
Visit police.hartford.gov  for more Public Safety News

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